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Keith Tarrier
This is me!

I am on Facebook etc, you can search for me.
It is not hard to find the only Keith Tarrier
on the planet (that I know about).

For 14 years I have also been helping get WWE programing
onto televesion here in Japan.

Hi, and welcome to the show.

I am a multi-talented graphic artist and photographer. Born and raised in Australia I currently live in Tokyo, Japan, and a few months of the year in Australia.

Graphic art and photography started out as hobbies of mine as a child. I enjoyed it, and I had many ideas I wanted to express via photos, artwork or video. As time progessed I kept getting feedback on my work, people liked it, some loved it and people wanted to even buy it!

Returning to Univeristy in 1998, for a break from work and career change, I started out studying business, ended up with a lot of graphic art and design subjects in my degree.

I was very humbled when a member of one of my favorite bands, KISS, want to use my artwork on his CD cover. I produced the album artwork for Bruce Kulick's 2nd solo album 'Transformer'.

Since then I have worked as a graphic artist and photographer. I have clients from literally all over the world. A few of the clinets I have worked for, or sold photos to are: KISS (The Band), US Navy, US Army, Foriegner (Band), Sebastian Bach, Burrn Magazine, Sunshine Coast Daily... and so many more.

The world truly is a wonderplace and I hope you
take the time to enjoy what you have, and what is around you.


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